scissors are a MUST-HAVE for your lash kit. Our matte black lash applicators and scissors are a must-have and should definitely be part of your kit. They make putting on our luxurious lashes 100x easier. Goodbye to being late and struggling to put your lashes on and HELLO to a fast lash application! Our applicators allow you to get as close to the lash line as possible for that natural lash extension look! Easy, fast, and a boom lash application! You'll definitely appreciate this little tool!


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    • 100% stainless steel
    • Our scissors and tweezers  can be used for more than just lashes (personal grooming)
    • Will not rust with time
    • Very sharp
    • Very small and portable for makeup bags and travel
  • Since our luxurious lashes are uniquely Handmade, each lash needs to be trimmed according to your eye shape before they are first applied. This ensures that bomb look and that the lash will stay on all day comfortably with no lifting!