The Hair Slay Kit INCLUDES:

Edge Control Brush

Parting Comb

Shower WideTooth Comb

Tweezer (2)


HOW TO USE:Edge Control Brush ( Perfect to lay your edges)

Parting Comb ( Perfect for parting & combing)

Shower WideTooth Comb ( Perfect for Detangling)

Tweezer (2) ( Perfect for plucking frontals & wigs)

Sissors ( Perfect for trimming & groming, cut that lace sis)


Saviilooks Cosmetics Hair slay kit is good to handle any hair length or texture and gently detangles wet or dry hair. This kit is perfect for my boss babes who have natural hair & also like to switch it up from natural hair to wigs, extentions & frontals.

Hair Slay Kit